Credit buyback in Corsica

Corsica is the least populated island in United States with two departments: Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. It has less than 325,000 inhabitants. Like the other French regions, Corsica is affected by unemployment ( 12.7% in the Bastia employment area and 11.5% in the Ajaccio employment area ), but also by the inflation of prices , stagnation of wages and life events ( divorce, accident, dismissal… ). Even if on this island of beauty, solidarity is a watchword, Corsicans must face the problems of life by managing their budget as well as possible. How to take advantage of its resources? Some tips to guide you!

Corsican household debt

Situation of households in Corsica

What could be more frustrating than having to deprive yourself of the finer things in life because of a lack of money ? This is unfortunately the case for the majority of French households. According to the Bank of United States report, the poverty rate in Corsica is 20.4% and the average household debt reached a record value of $ 57,745 in 2014. Figures showing that the economic situation in Corsica is critical and that households find it difficult to live properly.

Corsican household charges

How can a Corsican household reduce its charges?

The relief is found in:

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  • The restriction of his food, clothing or other expenses .
  • The pledge loan from a municipal credit union.
  • The reduction of its energy bills with simple daily actions (lower the temperature of the rooms, turn off the lights, do not waste water, etc.);
  • Reduce the amount of contributions for various insurances (home, auto, motorbike, complementary health) by bringing competition into play.
  • Revisit the different mobile and Internet packages to adjust it to the right consumption.
  • Borrow from a loved one with an IOU.
  • Subscribe to a pool of credits.

Corsican credit redemption

The repurchase of credits in Corsica

Even if all the ideas are good to explore, we are interested, here, only with the option “redemption of credits”. There are three types of credit redemption:

  • The solution for consumer loans .
  • The solution for mortgage loans.
  • The solution that brings together consumer loans and mortgage loans.

If you want to opt for this help, it is important to take a real look at your financial situation while analyzing your needs. Indeed, an owner will certainly have a better advantage to opt for a mixed credit while the tenant can only open rights on the grouping of his multiple consumer credits. Good to know: the law stipulates that a minimum of two current credits is required to be able to take advantage of this device.

Consolidating your credits in an exclusive loan does not free you from your debts. Each loan contracted must be repaid. In fact, the bank (or the credit institution) makes you an advance of the total amount of the outstanding loans which will allow you to settle them. The borrower has only one loan and one monthly payment to pay each month. The withdrawal date will be fixed at the time of the loan agreement as well as the interest rate and the duration.

Borrowing money is a good option. You still have to be sure to be able to repay it! Check your repayment capacity before you commit!

Credit buyback in Corsica
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