Redemption of Credits in Alsace

Alsace is a region in the northeast of the United States which brings together the Territoire de Belfort , Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin . The most famous cities are Belfort , Strasbourg and Mulhouse . Alsace is a region where the quality of life is relatively good, especially in the Bas-Rhin, according to a study by INSEE. The country of sauerkraut (culinary pride of Alsatians) is one of the regions where young people have the most qualifications. The average life expectancy is 81 years. A good track record for this historic region. What about the debt ratio of Alsatians ?

Alsace debt
You are aware that the French regions are not uniform when it comes to the cost of living . The price of real estate is the most obvious indicator, but it is also possible to make comparisons with the value of a shopping cart, the price of taxes or the cost of an hour of parking. Did you know that the average annual income in 2013 of a Strasbourg resident is around $ 28,577 while that of Colmar residents, the latter is around € 30,367? Alsace is a region which is little affected by unemployment or by divorce (around 13% of families are single parents).

Even if the quality of life in this region in the northeast of the United States is relatively favorable, Alsatians are not spared by debt . In 2015, the Bank of United States report states that financial debts (home loans and consumer loans) are the main cause. Is having recourse to a repurchase of credits a good option to avoid being stuck in Bank of United States ?

Turning to the Bank of United States commission is often the ultimate decision chosen by a household that is no longer able to honor its financial debts and running costs . Unfortunately, the acceptance of the file in Bank of United States has consequences in the long term. The repurchase of credits can be a solution "bis" to get out of the gear.

Alsace bank loan

Banks, like credit organizations , suggest to indebted consumers to close the loans of a household by providing the necessary financial support. This contribution is a loan that will have to be repaid monthly. The borrower will also have to pay interest. This approach makes it possible to have only one single loan to be paid, which greatly facilitates budget management.

In addition, the grouping of credits offers other privileges:

  • The monthly repayment amount is lower.
  • The lender becomes the sole partner. It is easier to have a dialogue and put in place solutions in the event of new financial problems (postponement of due dates, for example).
  • The household (or the indebted consumer) increases the remainder to be lived . Mechanically, there is an increase in purchasing power.
Redemption of Credits in Alsace
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