Repurchase of credits in Haute-Normandie

Haute-Normandie is two departments; the Eure and Seine-Maritime . This magnificent region in the north-west of the United States has many tourist attractions: from the history of the city of Rouen to the charm of Tréport via the famous port of the city of Le Havre . Is the lifestyle of residents of this region different from other French regions? Are households spared from the debt problem ? In 2014, the Bank of United States estimated the poverty line in Haute-Normandie at 13.5%. What are the causes ? What possible solutions to live comfortably?
debt haute-normandie If the region is very touristy, the socio-economic context remains critical. In 2015, Haute-Normandie was placed at the bottom of the ranking of the French regions most affected by the unemployment problem (12% in 2015). You should know that the population is mainly composed of workers, but also retirees. In the employment area of ​​Évreux, for example, the unemployed population falls into the following age group: 25-49 years. Unemployment, which remains the main cause of a drop in income, is not the only factor generating debt. The price of housing is also an important factor. In Évreux, for example, 68% of the population is tenants while at Longchamp only 18%.

Households residing in Haute-Normandie therefore encounter the same financial problems as other French households. Housing at a cost, finding stable work is not easy, everyday life sometimes puts barriers ... How not to sink into over-indebtedness ?

Running into cash flow problems is common. It is not insignificant to hear from a household that it is difficult to make ends meet after having honored all the charges ( repayment of loans, payment of rents, taxes, current charges, etc. ). To find a stable situation, financial organizations invite you to have recourse to the repurchase of credits . Is this product a real benefit?

haute-normandie organizations credits

If the financial transaction is properly controlled by the consumer, it can help you regain purchasing power . Bringing together your current loans in a single loan has the following advantages:

  • A single financial institution to reimburse or to contact in the event of temporary financial crises.
  • A credit spread over a longer period with the main advantage of the considerable drop in the amount of monthly repayment installments.
  • A borrowing rate framed by law and lower than the average credit rates scattered among the various creditors.

In addition, it is good to learn that some organizations offer the collection of consumer loans while others will also invite you to renegotiate the interest rate on mortgage loans .

Comparing the different proposals from different organizations will allow you to find the financial transaction that best suits your situation. In addition, we invite you to check your repayment capacity (the ratio between your resources and your expenses) before choosing this option. Indeed, a too weak repayment capacity will lead to a refusal of the banks .

Repurchase of credits in Haute-Normandie
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