Repurchase of credits in Champagne-Ardenne

The region of Champagne-Ardenne, which is located in the east of the United States, has four departments: the Ardennes, Aube, Marne and Haute-Marne . The Ardennes border with Belgium. This French region is among the top 5 regions with the highest GDP. This economic position can be explained by the development of many sectors of activity such as viticulture, agriculture and even metallurgy. At the same time, there are inequalities between the departments in terms of household income, but also in the area of ​​debt. Is having recourse to a restructuring of its credits an alternative to fight the debt? Let's do a check in.

Champagne-Ardenne redemption of credits
Charleville-Mézières, Troyes, Châlons-en-Champagne and even Chaumont are the main cities of the Champagne Ardenne region, as are Reims and Épernay. To support our sources and show inequalities, this document will be based on data from these 4 cities. For example, in Charleville-Mézières, the average annual income is 23,891 € in 2014 and the unemployment rate is around 12%. Figures which show that despite a good regional economic situation, household budgets remain critical .

Why this uncomfortable position if the GDP is relatively good? Quite simply because the reasons for household debt are quite different. Indeed, a few years ago, debt was caused by excessive consumption of credits . Today, life events are the main culprits and, in particular, divorces . If this sounds harmless to you, divorce has an impact on a consumer's lifestyle. Indeed, life together is much more advantageous since the couple has two incomes while sharing all financial debts and current expenses. Separation generates additional costs ( divorce costs, separation of property, payment of pensions ... ), but also other concerns such as relearning to live with only one salary . This change of situation gradually plunges a consumer into the spiral of debt . Of course, the cause can be different:

  • Job Loss,
  • going to retire,
  • children study,
  • medical bills
    Champagne-Ardenne financial partner

In any case, to successfully anticipate the future and live in comfort, you have to react quickly to put your financial balance in the "green".

If you have consumer loans , you can approach a financial partner to reduce the amount of monthly payments ; it is the very principle of the repurchase of credits. How is it going ? After studying your file, the partner opens a loan for you. The sum of money, which is then at your disposal, must be used to close the various loans . In fact, the consumer finds himself with a financial partner, a single credit and a single monthly repayment .

This financial product can be extended to mortgage loans. Some financial partners even offer to mix real estate loans with consumer loans. The advantage of this operation is to greatly reduce the amount of the monthly payment to be honored while increasing the remainder to be lived and by making purchasing power viable.

For the Champardennais, the restructuring of credits can really be of great help. However, this option remains a financial transaction that must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before committing.

Repurchase of credits in Champagne-Ardenne
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