Buyback of Cofinoga loans

"Quite simply, the credit that suits you", this is the spirit of the Cofinoga credit institution. Brand of BNP Paribas, Cofinoga offers solutions for financing all your projects ; from real estate credit to personal loan through revolving credit or credit for work . Aware that a good number of consumers were in a situation of indebtedness or over- indebtedness , the credit company chose to be united by proposing a credit consolidation offer. Spotlight on loan buybacks according to Cofinoga.

Why does Cofinoga propose debt buyback?

Did you know that accepting payment in 4 installments without charge constitutes a credit? It might sound crazy to you, but a credit company will advance you the money so you can buy your product. It is true that this process seems less concrete than contracting a consumer credit or a personal credit, but it suffices to take the example of the credit associated with the loyalty card of certain stores to realize it.
carte cofinoga The payment card granted by certain stores goes through credit organizations and makes it possible to finance purchases by means of a credit which is renewed automatically each year. To put it simply, once you have repaid the amount borrowed on your so-called revolving credit you benefit from the amount again. So you can indulge yourself again!
Unfortunately, revolving credit does not take into account the new loans taken out ( personal credit, car loan, credit for work, mortgage, etc. ) which can put you in perilous situations since you are no longer able to pay your bills. bills, your groceries or repay your multiple loans. It is to help you overcome your financial difficulties and improve your quality of life that the Cofinoga group offers loan consolidation.


Consolidate your loans: Cofinoga solutions!

The loan buyback solutions offered by Cofinoga concern consumer loans ( personal loan, car loan, revolving loan, etc. ) as well as real estate loans ( minimum amount is € 10,000 and the maximum amount is € 400,000 ).

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The plus : the possibility of integrating a new loan contracted with Cofinoga to finance a new project . Cofinoga's objective is to provide the indebted consumer with a sum of money equivalent to all of his debts (and any plans) so that the latter can settle them (beware of any costs imposed by organizations for early repayments ) while offering lower monthly payments ; it is the primary interest of credit redemptions.

hold back This device, although advantageous in certain cases, is not without consequences. Indeed, to allow the consumer to reduce his monthly repayment installments, it is imperative to extend the duration of the loan ( the duration cannot exceed 15 years ). A loan, which we should remember, remains subject to a higher or lower interest rate . In fact, it is imperative to calculate well for a future in all serenity or to subscribe to a borrower insurance which can be of great use to you in the event of an accident of life. We remind you that insurance is not an obligation.

However, in the event of an imponderable such as a dismissal or a death, it takes over the repayment of the monthly payments. It is a guarantee for the borrower as for the lender.

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Build your file step by step with a Cofinoga advisor

Cofinoga supports its clients and future clients! For guidance and advice, you can dial 3026 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. as well as on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nothing prevents you from doing a simulation from site or from taking information using the form provided for this purpose.

Buyback of Cofinoga loans
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