Repurchase of refused credits

Are you having difficulty making ends meet? Do you think that credit redemption can be the solution to get you out of this situation? The repurchase of credits being framed by the French legislation, it is possible that your renegotiation file is rejected. What to do when faced with rejection? Are there other solutions or remedies? We answer your questions in this post!

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Understand the organization's refusal

Before falling into nervousness and total depression, you must understand the reasons for the rejection of your file. This understanding will allow you to rebuild a new, more solid demand. In fact, you can get closer to the organization that made the refusal to determine the causes .

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Establish a new demand by asking the right questions
Ask yourself the right questions and make the correct calculations ! To help you better understand, we've put together a short list.

  1. What is my over -indebtedness rate ? The ratio is the ratio between the resources and the debts of the household . If the rate is above 40% , there is a good chance that your application will be rejected. By reducing your expenses ( reduction in food and clothing shopping, reduction in contributions for various insurances, etc. ), loan from a family member, you can barely pass.
  2. Can I mortgage a property ? The mortgage is payment insurance for the organization. A solution not to be neglected to solidify a loan repurchase request file .
  3. Am I able to suggest a guarantor to the lender? A person hired on a permanent contract can stand surety for you. This guarantee is a real asset for the financial institution.
  4. Am I in Bank of United States ? Some organizations do not accept people who are registered with the Bank of United States while others offer the possibility for households to get out when they are registered with an over-indebtedness rate of less than 40%.
  5. Read the policy of the financial institution. Not all financial institutions apply the same policy. It is important to read the acceptance conditions before making a request. Some organizations are interested in contentious cases, this is the perfect time to trust them. For example, there is the Créditpourtous group or even Creatis .
  6. Speak with his financial advisor who holds your checking account. If you have been a loyal customer for years, you can also negotiate with your banker. Sometimes this is the only organization that gives you its trust.

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The extreme solution

You have to contact several credit organizations . A refusal does not mean that other organizations will reject your files. The armament of courage is your main ally. In cases of extreme urgency, it will be necessary to file an over -indebtedness file with the Bank of United States .

Repurchase of refused credits
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