Credit buyback with the municipal credit of Marseille

Municipal funds are public establishments. “Mont-Pitié” or even “My Aunt” ; here are the two nicknames given to all municipal credits . Like the other banks in the network, Crédit Municipal de Marseille offers financing solutions , including pawnbroking and microcredit . Is it possible to get closer to the municipal credit of Marseille to contract a repurchase of credits? Let's do a check in.

Marseille municipal credit and credit restructuring

In its portfolio of financing products, Crédit Municipal de Marseille does not have a loan buyback solution. But the public body grants pawnbrokers which can help Marseille taxpayers get out of debt .

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How does the pawnshop work?

This financial product is a unique concept that can only be distributed by municipal funds. The principle is simple. A citizen brings an object of value to the Credit Municipal de Marseille which he will exchange for a sum of money ( approximately 60% of the value of the property ). He will use this loan as he sees fit ( pay bad debts, cover a bank overdraft, finance a project, settle revolving credits ). The object, pledged, is returned when the money is fully refunded.
The pawnshop is a 12 month contract. During this period, the applicant undertakes to reimburse the interest ( lower rate than that applied for revolving credits ). The contract is renewable each year . The object of value is returned when the applicant can return the sum of money together with interest.

What is the difference with a personal loan, a revolving loan or a loan buyback? Here is a question that may cross your mind. The difference lies mainly in the method of repayment. There are no monthly installments to pay. The applicant only has to pay interest annually.

What happens to my valuables? If you repay the amount of money loaned, the item is returned. Otherwise, the object is kept. In case of unpaid annual interest, the object is auctioned .

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What is the connection with a loan buyback?

The pawnbroker can allow a citizen to settle revolving credits (credits with a relatively high interest rate). By clearing revolving credits, he gains purchasing power and stabilizes his budget . This solution can therefore be of great help to you if you feel that you need help to optimize your budget.

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Finance your projects

All the financing products offered by Crédit Municipal de Marseille ( ) are detailed. It is, therefore, easy to obtain the desired information. For more information or to take out a loan , you can call 04-91-11-40-40 or visit an agency.

Credit buyback with the municipal credit of Marseille
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