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credit redemption list

In United States, the repurchase of credits or consolidation of credits remains a very widespread financial solution for households in financial difficulty. It consists of bringing together several loans into one. There are 4 types of repurchase of credits: consumer credits, real estate credits, professional credit, purchase / sale credit with repurchase . The advantages of this operation appeal to households: a single lower monthly payment to pay, a fixed rate, a single contact, an increase in purchasing power. However, you should know that the repayment period is lengthened with the restructuring of credits. Here is the list of the main loan repurchase organizations in United States:

credit redemption classification

123cré, a subsidiary of Mediatis, specializes only in online loan redemption. You can perform a loan redemption simulation on its site.

ARAF is a credit professional and the fixed rate specialist since 1999. He is one of the main players in loan repurchase and mortgage loan.

Accord Bank
Banque Accord is a subsidiary of the Auchan group which is also represented in United States under the Oney banner. She makes loan redemption proposals online.

Casino Bank
Banque Casino belongs to the Casino group and to Crédit Mutuel. It offers the possibility of testing its monthly payment online, before and after a repurchase of credits taken out with Banque Casino.

Edel Bank
Since 1991, Banque Edel has been the result of the reflection of the giant of mass distribution E.Leclerc and Crédit Coopératif (BPCE group). It proposes the restructuring of receivables.

Palatine Bank
Banque Palatine wants to be the partner of Intermediate Size Enterprises (ETI). This private bank offers tailor-made financing solutions.

People's Bank
The Banque Populaire has a team of experts able to offer you the consolidation of loans according to your situation.

BC finance
BC finance invites you to carry out a free loan repurchase simulation on its website. If necessary, you can reach an advisor free of charge.

Banque Française Mutualiste 's slogan is “Banking profession, solidarity vocation” . Its clientele is essentially made up of civil servants who can ask to consolidate their credits.

BNP Paribas Personal finance
BNP Paribas Personal finance is a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group. We know its brands Cofinoga and Cetelem, experts in loan repurchase.

Boursorama is an online bank that has several financing solutions, including the repurchase of credits. All you have to do is request it in a few clicks.

La Bred is owned by the Banque Populaire. She is committed to supporting you in your need to rebalance your budget through the purchase of credits.

CAFPI claims to be “No. 1 among real estate brokers”. After submitting a financing request on its website, you will quickly receive a personalized response.

Savings bank
The Savings Bank is your partner if you want to buy back credits. To do this, you simply have to make an appointment with an advisor.

Carrefour bank
Carrefour bank , as its name suggests, is a brand of the Carrefour retailer. Complete a loan redemption request form and an advisor will get back to you.

Cetelem is a brand of BNP Paribas Personal finance. This organization is very popular and has a reputation for offering attractive credit redemption offers.

CFCAL (Crédit Foncier Communal d'Alsace et de Lorraine) is a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkea. Credit restructuring has been his domain for many years.

CGI finance is owned by Société Générale. This organization has specialized in the financing of projects in the field of the boat for more than 30 years.

The CIC slogan: “Let's build in a changing world”. CIC is reorganizing the debt situation of its customers through, among other things, the repurchase of loans.

Cofidis adopts a detailed study of your situation in order to offer you a tailor-made loan buyback. A simulation of the restructuring of your loans can be done online.

Complicio is an online funding organization. This subsidiary of Monabanq offers consumer loans but no credit redemption.

Cofinoga is one of the indisputable leaders on the loan buyback market. After acceptance of your file, Cofinoga reimburses your previous loans.

Creatis has adopted an evocative slogan: “The power to meet your exact needs.” Indeed, this financial body studies your file to best adapt its loan repurchase proposal.

Agricultural credit
Crédit Agricole is a cooperative bank. On its website, you can do an online simulation and then apply for financing (repurchase of credits).

Credit North
In order to finance your projects, Crédit du Nord goes “further with you” according to its slogan. Check this with their online simulators and phone support.

Créditlift is a brand of CA Consumer Finance, performing well in loan consolidation solutions. It offers its offers to individuals through a professional intermediary.

Bordeaux Municipal Credit
Crédit Municipal de Bordeaux supports households in financial difficulty by granting consumer loans. It therefore does not redeem all the current credits.

Dijon Municipal Credit
Crédit Municipal de Dijon is a solidarity banker which has a portfolio of financial products other than those relating to the repurchase of credits.

Lille Municipal Credit
Crédit Municipal de Lille makes pawnbrokers, but not only… Its activity is also geared towards the repurchase of loans for people in debt or over-indebtedness.
Municipal Credit of Marseille
Crédit Municipal de Marseille offers various personal loans on very favorable terms. He can be contacted by phone, email or on site.

Denver Municipal Credit
The Municipal Credit of Denver is a solidarity bank which carries out loan repurchase operations after examination of your file by a specialized advisor.

Credit Municipal de Nice
The Crédit Municipal de Nice focuses its activity on pawn shops to increase the purchasing power of applicants. It does not develop operations linked to the repurchase of credits.

Municipal Credit of Toulon
“A social idea of ​​banking” is the motto of Crédit Municipal de Toulon. With a very low borrowing rate, it is a key social player in the repurchase of loans in Toulon.

Washington DC Municipal Credit
Washington DC Municipal Credit is a social purpose bank. From now on, it is refocusing on activities other than loan buybacks.

Mutual credit
To allow you to save money , Crédit Mutuel balances your current loans through loan redemption. Make your request to open credit redemption on its website.

Crédigo is an intermediary in banking operations which groups together different types of loans (grouping of loans). You can contact an advisor online for information.

The CSF (Social Credit for Officials) presents examples of loan redemption on its website. A simulator is also available to save time.

Disponible's slogan is “Credit according to you”. It details on its site, the steps to take out a loan buyback. It is necessary to create an account to access a simulation.

Borrowed is the “project agitator” on the market. You can compare more than 100 banks with its online comparator for your loan buyback projects.

Facet becomes Cetelem to support you in your projects: buyback consumer loans or buyback consumer and real estate loans.

Fidem becomes Cetelem and studies your loan buyback request with or without mortgage.

Finadea works with financers specializing in credit restructuring in order to offer you a solution to reduce your budget.

Financo is committed to reducing your monthly repayment installments by 30 to 60% without changing banks. An adviser informs you by telephone

You can call or be called back by a Finaref advisor so that he can analyze your financial situation and offer you a personalized loan buyback.

Franfinance adapts to your needs and chooses a loan consolidation offer that best respects your repayment capacity.

Hello bank
Hello bank is a brand of BNP Paribas. An online loan repurchase simulation is possible by completing a form on your situation (personal, professional, projects, etc.).

GMF (the Mutual Guarantee of Officials), with its “all-in-one loan” formula, reduces household monthly payments. This is a loan buyback (excluding real estate).

The repurchase of loans by Groupama bank enables new projects to be carried out. Indeed, the fall in monthly payments increases purchasing power. There is no administration fee.

A loan simulator is available on the HSBC website in order to consider your financial situation with a loan buyback.

ING Direct
ING Direct has a very competitive credit rate for its mortgage and for any mortgage repurchase.

Krefima is a Belgian company that supports household projects by reducing their monthly loan payments by repurchasing loans.

The postal bank
The postal bank helps to rebalance the management of the budget, of indebted or over-indebted households, by adopting a personalized credit pool.

LCL “Ask your bank for more” provides financial solutions, such as the repurchase of credits, which respect your repayment capacity.

The MAIF “Militant Insurer” gives you a vision of your financial situation after a credit restructuring. A simulation is possible online.

Mediatis is a subsidiary of the Cofinoga group. With its attractive loan consolidation offer, it is a key player in the market. (Oney Bank Accord)
Oney bank is a subsidiary of the Auchan group specializing in the repurchase of loans. You can make a request via its form to be completed online.

Now bought by , Préeo also allows you to buy back your loans and restructure your “debts”.

Responis is a serious organization, as proof, it is ISO 9001 certified for all of its services ...

Rouaix Finance
Approved members of the French association of banking intermediaries, Rouaix finance is an intermediary organization in loan repurchase.

Societe Generale
We no longer need to introduce it, Société Générale is a bank that offers a whole host of banking services, including debt restructuring.

Belonging to SOFIAP, Socrif also offers several loan services such as real estate, consumer goods and credit redemption through its website.

Sofinco is now part of the furniture in credit consolidation organizations in United States, the latter are a brand of the Crédit Agricole bank.

In this field since 1998, Solutis still offers credit buyback products for individuals with equal seriousness.

De are full name, Wafasalaf, specialist in loan and credit in Morocco but also the repurchase of credit via his product: Salaf OUAHED

Younited credit
Formerly Union Loan, Younited is offering itself a facelift to allow it to offer ever more services as an intermediary for loans between individuals.

List of credit redemption organizations
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