Simulation of Accord bank loan repurchase (tutorial)

The repurchase of credits (regrouping of credits) makes it possible to gather all the credits contracted in only one . The request may include an additional loan intended to finance a new project . This financial solution takes place in three stages on the Accord bank website: the simulation to be done online, the form to be completed and the signed contract to be returned. In the context of a loan repurchase , Accord bank contacts all the creditors before providing you with an answer. The minimum amount of credits to be grouped is 3000 us dollars and the maximum 250,000 us dollars.
The bank offers up to 64% reduction on the new and unique monthly payment compared to the value of all your repayments combined. Go directly to the credit grouping page by clicking on this link: credit grouping - online application or follow the following procedure:

  • On the home page, click on the “ Credits ” tab. A drop-down menu appears with 4 funding proposals.
  • Choose the last proposition on the right: “ Grouping of credits “.
  • Click on the link below “ Discover the grouping of credits “.
  • You reach a page titled “ Credit consolidation - A solution to reduce your monthly loan payments!
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the paragraph “ How to consolidate credits?
  • You can appreciate the 3 proposed steps, the first of which is: “ Make your simulation “. The link under this step “ Make a request for grouping of credits ” leads to the simulator.

Simulate your loan repurchase now on the website:

  • For those who do not have an Accord bank customer account, choose the first field “ New customer ” then click on “ Next step ”.
  • As for those who are already customers, select the second field “ Already customer ” then click on “ Next step ”.

Extract from the official Banque-accord website

You access the form to be completed with your credits, your charges, your additional cash, your current accommodation and your contact details, any comments.

credit repurchase agreement

credit consolidation agreement

comments bank agreement
All you have to do is enter your personal information, including the mandatory fields with a red asterisk . Validate by clicking on “ validate the request ”. Here is an example of the completed form:

simulation agreement

bank simulation agreement

comments agreement

Your credit consolidation request has been taken into account when the following message appears on the following page:

We have taken note of the information entered, an advisor will contact you as soon as possible to carry out a personalized study.

The Banque Accord simulator has no contractual value. It allows you to assess with the help of an advisor the single monthly payment that you will be able to pay if you consolidate all your loans at Banque Accord.

Accord Bank also recommends that you take out borrower insurance to deal with unforeseen events ( disability, death, prolonged hospitalization, loss of employment, etc. ). Your refunds will be taken care of.

Simulation of Accord bank loan repurchase (tutorial)
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