Simulation of Finaref loan redemption (tutorial)

Finaref is a brand of the CA Consumer Finance group which merged with Sofinco in order to optimally manage financing solutions such as loan repurchases . Finaref / Sofinco assess the financial situation of households wishing to increase their purchasing power in order to face a delicate situation requiring a large inflow of money (over- indebtedness, retirement, marriage, unemployment, acquisition of real estate, etc. ).

On the website, you cannot perform an online loan redemption simulation .
However, you have the choice between three options:

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  1. Make an appointment with an advisor
    Choose two time slots that suit you best on the schedule then complete the form with your loan amortization tables since you will need to specify: the number of loans to be grouped together, the overall amount to be reimbursed and the total of your loans. monthly payments .

    Click on “Validate” to send your appointment request.

    appointment finaref advisorrdv finaref
  2. Ask to be called back immediately
    This process is very simple and free : enter your phone number in the “Phone” field then click on “Confirm” to be called back quickly.

    rappel finaref sofinco

    Extract from the official Finaref website

  3. Ask to be called back later on 0890 71 01 01 (0.15 € / min)

It is recommended that you prepare for the interview with the advisor by having your account statements and amortization tables handy. He will be able to assess the amount of your monthly payments and the remaining amounts due .

Simulation of Finaref loan redemption (tutorial)
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