Cofidis loan repurchase simulation (tutorial)

Cofidis, whose slogan is “Change your outlook on credit” , offers the loan consolidation solution in order to reduce your repayments and have only one monthly payment to pay. This financial institution grants loans ranging from 3,000 to 80,000 us dollars depending on your financial situation and your repayment capacity .
To facilitate your process, Cofidis offers you the possibility of carrying out a simulation of credit redemptions online:

  1. From the home page of the site:
    Click on the “Credit redemption” tab at the top of the page (site menu with the main sections). A drop-down menu appears under the “Credit buyback” tab. This includes a “Credit redemption simulation” section on the left. Click on it. cofidis offer credits
  2. Directly to the loan redemption simulation page

simulation repurchase credits cofidis.pngsimulation rachat credit cofidis

As the table shows, you need to respond to the given suggestions:

  1. "How much do you need?"
    Move the cursor cofidis credit redemption simulator to the right to choose the sum between 3,000 and 80,000 us dollars.
  2. “Desired monthly payments”
    Use the cursor cofidis credit redemption simulator by moving it to the right to vary the amount (between 69.10 and 275.61 us dollars).
    A summary of your request appears at the bottom of this table with the following information: capital, interest, total amount due, monthly payments, fixed APR and duration.
  3. Click on “Make your request” cofidis credit redemption simulator

When you click on “Make your request” , you fill out an online form to request a repurchase of credits. Fill in your personal information ( identity, contact details, family situation ) then click on “Continue” cofidis online simulator .

cofidis simulation credits

cofidis simulateur credits

cofidis online simulator

You are invited to complete a second table, this time detailing your professional situation, your income and your accommodation. Finish by clicking on the “Validate” button validate cofidis simulator

formulaire simulateur cofidis

First of all, you are given an answer in principle . It does not constitute a commitment from the financial organization but a proposal to be refined with an advisor who will contact you.

demande rachat credits cofidis
You will need to provide supporting documents by mail ( employment contracts, payslips, loan amortization tables, charges, last tax notice, etc. ).
A new financing offer will then be proposed to you by mail after studying your financial situation.
If you accept it, you then have 14 days (withdrawal period) to request its cancellation without suffering financial loss.

Cofidis loan repurchase simulation (tutorial)
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