Crédit Mutuel loan repurchase simulation

Crédit Mutuel is a French bank established throughout the metropolitan territory and in the DROM (Overseas Departments and Regions) and COM (Overseas Collectivities). In order to support the budget of households in financial difficulty ( indebtedness, over-indebtedness ) or wishing to face exceptional events ( hospitalization, unemployment, separation, preparation for retirement, financing of a marriage, travel, etc. ), Crédit Mutuel proposes the repurchase of credits . The latter consists in bringing together all the loans contracted into one less expensive but with a longer borrowing period. This makes it possible to lighten the weight of the loads and to oxygenate the budget.

On the Crédit Mutuel website, you can simulate a loan buyback by going directly to the loan buyback stimulation page. A blue explanatory table “How it works” shows you the 5-step process to finalize your simulation. Click on “Click to dismiss this message” to access the simulator.

simulateur credit mutuel

Extract from the official Crédit Mutuel website

mutual credit simulation

Simulate the drop in your monthly payment by indicating:

  • the amount of capital remaining due,
  • the total of your current monthly payments,
  • your need to build up savings.

If necessary, tick the box “With constitution of savings” :

without constitution savings credit mutualmutual credit savings constitution

credit consolidation quote

Once your choices have been made, click on “Validate” , to the right of the amounts entered.
You can then move the mouse cursor over the curve in order to vary the amount of the new monthly payment you wish to repay as well as its duration. An indication of the total cost of credit, the fixed annual TEG and the capital available at the end of the loan is provided.

simulations credit mutuel

To validate your choice, click on the white cross (represented by 4 triangles), to the right of the gray summary table. This will lead you to a new table to complete with:

  • the summary of your request,
  • the possible result of your simulation,
  • Your personal information,
  • the best way to contact you.

If you are already a Crédit Mutuel customer, identify yourself in order to save time when filling out the questionnaire.
Remember to check the box “I want to combine my loans into one at an advantageous rate” in the 1st section “Your request” . Check the accuracy of the information then “Validate” .

mutual credit redemption requestdemande rachats credit mutuelmutual credit redemption request

A new page confirms the receipt of your credit redemption request. An advisor will study your file and will contact you.

validations mutual credit requests

Crédit Mutuel loan repurchase simulation
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