Carrefour bank loan repurchase simulation

Carrefour bank specializes in the repurchase of loans; a mechanism to lighten the burden on households whose financial situation is critical. It also concerns people who have a one-off need for cash to finance projects ( marriage, financing of studies, anticipation of retirement, travel, etc. ). On the Carrefour bank website, you can fill out a form on your plans, your identity, your contact details, your family / professional situation and your budget . You will not immediately have an estimate of your new monthly payment; a Carrefour bank advisor will contact you in view of the information provided.

To access the form to fill out presented below, go to or directly on the request for consolidation of credits

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Extract from the official Carrefour-bank website

Tips for completing the loan consolidation request

Your project: have your amortization tables ready so that you can fill in the field “ Remaining capital to be reimbursed (excluding real estate) ”.

Your identity : if you are not a Carrefour-bank customer, you do not need to fill in the “Customer reference” field.

Your budget : concerning the field “Monthly household charges (excluding consumer credit)” , do not omit any expenditure so as not to distort the estimate of the new monthly payment (rent, water, gas, electricity, car / motorcycle insurance, insurance health, mutual insurance, internet / TV / mobile subscriptions, etc.).

Once the form has been completed, check the box “I would like a BNP Paribas Personal finance advisor to study my project” then click on “Validate”. Wait a few moments (at least 1 minute) for your request to be transferred. There is therefore no need to click “Validate” again .

Carrefour bank loan repurchase simulation
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