Bank Casino credit redemption simulation

Banque Casino provides a financial solution for people wishing to simplify their lives by consolidating their credits into a single monthly payment. The advantage is that this monthly payment is lower since it adjusts to the borrower's income. Nevertheless, the repurchase of credits lengthens the duration of the loan . To assess what the amount of the new monthly payment would be , Banque Casino offers the possibility of simulating a repurchase of credits on its site or directly through the simulator.

If you prefer to access the loan redemption simulation table via the home page of the site, follow the procedure indicated below: on the right of the home page, click on the tab bank-casino credit solutions . On the drop-down menu which then appears in blue, click on “Redemption of credits” . You will arrive on 3 tables to follow:

  • Table 1 : “Simulate your credit” . Complete it by indicating the total amount of credits you wish to group together (from 6,000 to 75,000 us dollars) and the desired repayment period (from 24 to 84 months). Click on “Start the simulation” .
  • Table 2 : A proposal is automatically made to you on a table entitled “Our proposal”. It indicates the total amount due for the new monthly payment, the fixed APR, the fixed borrowing rate, the monthly cost of optional insurance for medium insurance. Click on “Apply for this loan” to validate the proposal and open table n ° 3 (“Credit consolidation study form”).

bank-casino credit redemptionssimulate bank-casino creditsour bank-casino proposal

If you have any questions about the simulation, click on the blue tab “Be called back by one of our advisers”. On the following table, complete your telephone number and click on “Immediate automatic redial”.

bank-casino reminder

bank-casino advisers

  • Table 3 : “Credit consolidation study form”. In this table, you must enter your: identity, contact details, income, charges, credits to be grouped together, availability for an advisor to contact you.

Credit consolidation study formbank-casino form

bank-casino online form

Click on “Validate my request” to send your form to a Banque Casino advisor.
Your credit consolidation request has been taken into account when this confirmation of receipt is displayed:

bank-casino response

The Bank casino simulation is free and fast. You get an answer within 48 hours.

It is possible to reach an advisor by phone or email for help and to ask questions.

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Bank Casino credit redemption simulation
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