Cofinoga loan repurchase simulation (Tutorial)

The repurchase of credits consists in grouping all the credits contracted in a single and unique monthly payment . This is called a consolidation of credits or grouped credits. This makes it possible to clarify and simplify the management of its accounts with a single amortization table . Cofinoga , a BNP Paribas bank service, offers this financing solution able to meet the cash flow needs of households in debt, over-indebtedness or facing an exceptional situation ( divorce, unemployment, retirement, real estate purchase, travel, wedding… ). Thus, Cofinoga finances a personal loan of between 6,000 and 30,000 us dollars. On the site of the credit institution, it is possible to simulate a credit redemption online . Go directly to the Cofinoga online simulator or follow the following instructions:

  • On the home page of the Cofinoga site, click on the “Credit consolidation” tab which reveals 3 proposals on the drop-down menu ( “With mortgage”, “Without mortgage”, “How credit consolidation works” ) . The link How credit consolidation works” is for information only. It provides you with essential information on this type of financing ( “The consolidation of credits in brief”, How the consolidation of credits works, “The advantages of the consolidation of credits”, How to subscribe to a consolidation of credits ” ).
cofinoga grouping credits

Extract from the official “Cofinoga” website

  • Choose the loan consolidation formula that suits you by clicking on one of the 2 options “With mortgage” if you want to include your mortgage in the loan consolidation or “Without mortgage” if you do not want to include it .

You reach the table entitled “Your loan request without commitment” .

cofinoga simulation

  • Complete this table using all of your depreciation tables to define the amount of your consumer credits , possibly your current immo credits as well as the total outstanding.
    If you do not have a mortgage or if you do not wish to include it in the grouping of loans, do not complete the field “Amount of your current immo loans” .
  • Do not forget to indicate your situation in the 1st section “You are” : owner, tenant, housed by the family…
  • Finish the questionnaire by informing about the monthly household income .
cofinoga credit immo

Amounts given by way of example. Complete the table with your own figures.

  • Then click on “I validate” to access the following table entitled “Your personal information” .

cofinoga personal informationcofinoga confirmation simulation

  • Complete the fields. Enter your phone number (s), leaving no space between the numbers. Do not forget to specify your marital status : married, cohabiting, divorced ...
  • If you wish to receive advertising offers by e-mail from BNP Paribas, then tick the box “I agree to receive commercial offers…” before validating ( “I confirm my request” ).

Here is, for example, the table once completed:

cofinoga personal infocofinoga confirmation simulation

Once your table has been validated ( “I validate my request” ), you will receive confirmation of receipt of your request by the service in charge of studying your file, as follows:

cofinoga confirm request

A Cofinoga advisor will get in touch with you.

  • You will be asked to provide supporting documents .
  • You will then be offered a credit consolidation offer based on the information in your file. If you accept it, return it dated and signed .

Cofinoga will initiate, after the legal withdrawal period, the loan repurchase procedure and will reimburse your former loan organizations.

A warning is posted at the top of the page to avoid disastrous financial situations: A loan commits you and must be repaid: check your repayment capacities before committing yourself” .

Cofinoga loan repurchase simulation (Tutorial)
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