Simulation of Sofinco loan redemption

Sofinco's slogan, “Gain in agility”, illustrates its ability to support and improve the purchasing power of households . This funding organization since 1951 has been helping the French to equip themselves. Also he proposes the repurchase of credits . This consists of bringing together all of your credits in a single loan of a much smaller amount. On the site, you can directly access the Sofinco online loan redemption simulator or follow the following instructions:

Click on “Redemption of credits” in the following menu:


The stimulator then appears. Start reading with the left column ” Simulate your credit redemption “.
If you already have a customer account with Sofinco , it is preferable to identify yourself by clicking on the link “Already a customer?”

Move the cursor to indicate the total amount of your monthly payments. Note that this amount varies from 3,000 to 100,000 us dollars. Click either on the orange tab “Simulate my credit” or “Simulate my loan”.

The result is not long in coming: proposals appear with the amount of the new monthly payment and the duration of the new loan. You are free to choose one of these proposals by clicking on the corresponding box. Do not forget to validate your choice by clicking on “I make my request online” (at the top and at the bottom of the page).
For information, a table “Details of the financing characteristics of your loan buyback” summarizes certain elements:

  • the amount of the chosen monthly payment
  • the APR ( Annual Global Effective Rate ) fixed
  • the total amount owed by the borrower
  • application fee


If you have any outstanding questions, you have the option of being called by a Sofinco advisor . To do this, click under the “Need help?” Banner. This service is available at very specific times: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Saturday, the time slot is reduced, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Credit insurance is also offered to deal with life accidents ( disability leading to incapacity for work, unemployment, death of the borrower, etc. ). It takes almost thirteen us dollars per month.
You will also find the calculation of your monthly payments with insurance as well as the total amount due with insurance .

By clicking on “I make my request online”, you access this table to be completed:


credit consolidation quote


If you are worried about receiving commercial offers by email as a result of this process, indicate “No” in the last section “Your preferences”. Be sure to fill in all the fields, in particular the compulsory ones with asterisks, then click on the “Continue” button. You will be directed to the “Your situation” table which, once completed, will provide information on your housing situation (owner, tenant, etc.) and your professional situation . Then click on the “Continue” button to validate your answers.



You will be able to enter your income, your monthly charges and your consumer credits in this new table entitled “Your budget”.
Indicate your monthly net salary . If you have received property income, taxable annuities, alimony, etc. you must of course enter this in the table under “Income”. Do not omit any monthly charges as this will significantly distort your actual situation. Regarding “ your consumer loans ” and “your other monthly payments (excluding mortgage)”, you must mention the amount of your personal loan monthly, the work and possible repurchase of credits . Validate the completed table by clicking on the orange button “Validate”.



The validation of the table “Your budget” takes you to the last step “Our answer in principle”.


Your file will be studied, in view of the information provided, within 48 hours and a response will be sent to you by email.
You can contact the Sofinco agency by phone (0825 002 004), by email (at the agency of your choice) or by post at this address: Agence CP web, 50875, 77213 Avon Cedex .

Simulation of Sofinco loan redemption
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