Keyliance credit redemption simulation

Keyliance, “ The funder of your projects ” is an establishment which practices the consolidation of credits or repurchase of credits . It consists in bringing together all the loans contracted in a single reduced monthly payment adapted to the borrower's resources. This single monthly payment is also at a single rate. To evaluate a loan repurchase offer, several parameters must be taken into account (administration fees, amount of early repayment penalties, etc. ). Keyliance therefore proposes to perform a loan repurchase simulation in 3 minutes on its online site .
Go to the site and complete the form on the first page “ Your project simulation in just 3 minutes ”.
Indicate by checking the circle next to your answer, if your project is done as an owner, tenant or it is to finance a new project.

Keyliance simulation

Specify the nature of your loans (real estate, consumption, others ...):


For each possible credit, enter the amount of the monthly payment paid each month as well as the amount outstanding:

Keyliance consumer mortgage

If you are an owner, indicate the value of your property.
If you have a second home, click on “ Add assets ” to select “ Second home ”: Keyliance real estate assets

Those who want a personal loan can complete this table by checking “yes”:

Keyliance cash

Here is an example of a summary table of your request produced by Keyliance. Click “ Next ” to go to the next step:

Keyliance summary table
In the next step, indicate if you have knowledge in the field of credit:

Keyliance credit knowledge

credit consolidation quote

marital status Keyliance

At this stage, give precise details of your professional situation, mentioning the type of contract you have.

Keyliance professional situation
Remember to write down all your sources of income.

other Keyliance income.

Keyliance charges

Indicate your banking situation while not forgetting to report any payment incident, rejection of direct debit ...:

banking situation

borrower contact details

Keyliance borrower contact details

Choose from the options offered if you prefer to be contacted in the morning, noon, afternoon or evening:

contact keyliance

You are given the opportunity to view the form you have just completed by clicking on “ Previous ”. If you wish to send your request without further delay, click on “ Send your request ”.

eligibility keyliance request

Keyliance credit redemption simulation
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