MAIF loan repurchase simulation

The repurchase of credits or restructuring of credits concerns people in financial difficulty but also people simply wishing to improve their purchasing power or wishing to finance new projects. This consists of replacing all the loans with a single loan with a single interest rate. However, the repayment term is extended. At MAIF, the consolidation of credits is offered with the possibility of carrying out a simulation of redemption beforehand online.
To do this, go directly to the “ Credit restructuring - Quotation and subscription ” page of the MAIF website.
Click on “ Quote and subscription” to reach the introduction page of the questionnaire to be completed.
You must indicate whether you are already a client of MAIF or not.

maif simulation

You reach the form to be completed in five steps :

  1. Your income and assets
  2. Your debts and charges
  3. Your restructuring project
  4. Your personal information
  5. Your simulation

The first step therefore concerns your professional situation and in particular your sources of income .
If you have a co-borrower, be sure to supplement their income as well. Then click on the yellow “Debts and charges” button to access step 2.

At this stage, it is a question of developing all your expenses ( real estate loans, personal loans, revolving credits, other debts ). If you only bear mortgage charges, leave the other fields blank. Click on “restructuring project” to go to the next table.

credit consolidation quote

This is the time to indicate the loans, debts, charges ... that you want to restructure. Your restructuring project can relate to depreciable debts such as your mortgage and or rechargeable debts such as bank overdraft, debts to a merchant, taxes, etc.
Indicate if necessary if you wish to have additional cash to cover your financial needs and to finance projects.
Click on the yellow “Personal Info” button to validate.

Complete the information relating to the borrower (you) and the co-borrower (if you have chosen one). Indicate your personal situations, your places of residence and your contact details. Only if you wish to receive commercial solicitations from partners of the Maif group and / or information from the Maif , tick the corresponding boxes.

personal situation maif

maif coordinates

Your request has been registered. You will receive a confirmation of your request . Watch your emails because it will reach you by email. An advisor will contact you later to study your case in depth with you and provide you with an answer specific to your situation.

MAIF loan repurchase simulation
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