Rouaix Finances loan repurchase simulation guide

You are tempted by a loan buyback because you think it could improve your financial situation. Why not then try a simulation of credit redemption? Rouaix Finances, specialist in credit restructuring , has an online simulator to assess what your new monthly payment could be if you buy back credits. From the site, go directly to the Rouaix Finances online simulator . The form to be completed has only two steps: “ Your situation ” and “ Your contact details ”. This questionnaire is therefore quick to complete. However, have certain items at hand, such as the amount of monthly payments and the total outstanding for each loan.

During this first step “ Your situation ”, you must indicate:

  • the number of consumer credits you have, the amount of monthly payments you pay and the total outstanding
  • the number of immo credits, the value of the monthly payments paid monthly and the total outstanding.
  • whether it is a first request for consolidation of credits or not
  • if you need cash , you must enter its amount
  • your professional situation. If you are still in professional activity, indicate whether it is a CDD, CDI ...
  • your real estate situation. If you are an owner, you must indicate the value of the property.
  • your income. Do not mention household income, only your income.

simulation rouaix finances home
simulation home rouaix finances

At this second step “ Your details ”, if you have a co-borrower, check the box “ Yes ” to the question: “Do you have a co-borrower?”. You will then be asked to detail their personal situation (last name, first name, date of birth ) and professional situation ( profession, type of contract, monthly income ).

If you do not wish to receive commercial offers from Rouaix Finances partners , remember to tick “ No ” to the question: “ Would you like to receive our partner offers? “. Then click on the “ Validate ” button to go to the next step.

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You receive a response quickly, within 24 hours - 48 hours , only if an expert from Rouaix Finances considers that your situation allows for a consolidation of credits .

You can ask to be called back by a Rouaix Finances advisor immediately by clicking on the “ Free immediate call back ” insert.

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Rouaix Finances loan repurchase simulation guide
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