Younited Credit Credit Redemption Simulation Guide

Younited Credit is not a traditional bank. It is a credit institution and an online platform that brings together professional investors ready to support individuals in their projects ( repurchase of credits, major purchases, real estate acquisition, etc. ). Individuals appeal directly to investors to finance their consumer loans, their loan repurchase. As a reminder, the repurchase of credits is a financial operation which consists in bringing together all your credits in one. The new monthly payment obtained is then reduced in order to increase the purchasing power of the household which has difficulty repaying its debts. In addition, it now has only one rate with a single borrowing period. The downside is that the duration of the loan is extended.

Credit requests from Younited Credit are made online. At each stage of the study of your file, you receive an alert by email or SMS in real time. The processing is very fast since in just 24 hours you will get a response from Younited Credit. To set up a file, go directly to the site, to the credit redemption simulation page. There are three first items to fill in: “ Credit buyback “, “ Desired amount “, “ Credit term “.
If you are already a customer, log into your online account by clicking on the link under these three sections “ Already a customer? “.

home simulation Younited credit.

Extract from the official website

  1. In the first column, choose the option “ Redemption of credits
  2. Click on the “ Desired amount ” column to bring up a drop-down menu with credit proposals ranging from 1,000 to over 40,000 us dollars. Select the amount that interests you.
  3. Click on “ Loan term ” to choose the desired loan term.
    Note : For 1000 us dollars of desired loan, the duration of the credit cannot exceed 24 months.

Don't forget to validate your information by clicking on “ Continue ”. You then access thematic pages . Click on “ Next ” to move from one page to another. On these pages, it is necessary to expose:

  • your “ Family situation ” ( married, single… number of dependent children )
  • Your accommodation ( owner, tenant, no fixed address, etc. )
  • your profession, that of your spouse, your monthly income

Family situation Younited creditYounited credit housingprofession Younited creditprofession spouse Younited creditmonthly income Younited credit

Regarding “ Your monthly charges ” (form below), if you have other credits, mention them by clicking on “ Choose ”, in response to the question “ How many other credits in progress do you have? “. Then determine the type of loan ( motorbike, real estate, work, etc. ). You are then asked two questions: “ Are you going to spend the majority of the loan requested to repay other loans? ”And“ Do you have late payments in your credits in repayment?

credit consolidation quote

monthly charges Younited credit
Younited credit bank
identity younited credit
identity spouse younited credit
younited credit contact details
If you do not wish to be solicited by the commercial partners of Younited Credit, uncheck the box “ I agree to receive commercial offers from the partners of Younited Credit ”.
On the next page, “ Protect yourself against inability to repay! “, Younited Credit is likely to offer you insurance depending on your situation, for the borrower and the co-borrower.

Younited Credit insurance
During this last step, Younited Credit will grant you or not an agreement in principle . If the agreement is refused, you reach this type of page
with an incentive to call on another financial partner to obtain financing in spite of everything ( “Obtain your financing in 1 click”) .
Younited Credit principle agreement By clicking on “Obtain your financing in 1 click” , your request is automatically sent to a Younited Credit partner with a view to studying your file in more depth.

younited credit partner

Note : For a loan request of more than 40,000 us dollars , you can directly access the table below which invites you to enter your e-mail address in order to receive a personalized offer :

loan 40,000 Younited credit

Younited Credit Credit Redemption Simulation Guide
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