Solutis loan repurchase simulation guide

Solutis is an intermediary in banking operations which implements the repurchase of credits. This banking solution is offered to households whose resources are not sufficient to cover basic needs and whose remainder to live does not allow them to repay their loans ... Also, it may be a question of meeting a one-time need for cash to anticipate retirement, traveling, preparing for a wedding… The consolidation of credits consists of constituting only one monthly payment (of a greatly reduced amount) with all the monthly payments payable by the household. However, the duration of the credit is extended to compensate for the decrease in the amount of the new monthly payment. On the Solutis site, you can estimate your new monthly payment for free using the online simulator . Unlike some other online loan redemption simulators, the Solutis simulator directly displays an estimate of the new monthly payment.

This is how the simulator looks:

solutis simulation

For example, here is the table once completed. Indicate your own needs by entering the desired amount directly in the dedicated fields or use the gray slider and move it to the right. Click on “ Validate” to immediately see an estimate of your new monthly payment below the information you have recorded. See “ Your simulation result “. The result is displayed on a red background. In our example, the new monthly payment is $ 158.

simulation result solutis

credit consolidation quote

If we refer to the result of this simulation, we see that the repayment period is very long (300 months) and that the cost is not negligible since we go from 33,800 us dollars to be repaid to 47,366 us dollars. However, the new monthly payment is very attractive (only 158 us dollars to repay). The credit rate is also renegotiated during this operation. The gain in purchasing power , in the short term, is undeniable. The goal is for the borrower to find a balanced budget and to be able to consider new projects.

If you are satisfied with the Solutis proposal, you can send your request by indicating your email address and clicking on “ I validate my request online - Free & without obligation ”.

Following the online simulation, a refined study of your file by a Solutis expert is necessary. This expertise is also free. You do not need to change bank if, however, you consolidate loans with this institution.

solutis call To find assistance or ask questions , you can call a free online advisor on 0800 860 860 or request a call back by clicking on the “ Let us call you back! ” Insert . - Click here ” .

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Solutis loan repurchase simulation guide
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