Responis Credit Redemption Simulation Guide

Are you having difficulty making ends meet, repaying your loans ( consumer credit, mortgage loans, etc. ), financing new projects? To cope with critical financial situations, the responis bank offers the repurchase of credits . The credit restructuring solution may be a plausible and life-saving solution depending on your situation. Its advantages: better readability of its accounts because all the loans are grouped into one with a single amount to be retained, single rate applied , a single repayment due date for the new monthly payment, significant reduction in the amount of this monthly payment (budget reduction, increase in purchasing power). Its drawbacks: increase in the cost of initial loans, lengthening of monthly repayment installments , can give some households the impression of having gone out of business and encourage them to (re) consume unreasonably. On the site , test the simulation of the repurchase of Responis credits online. We guide you step by step to complete your credit consolidation request in a few minutes.

The form is quick and easy to complete . It only has 3 steps. For the first, you must specify “ Your financial situation ”. Gather all your loan balances and think about specifying if you want a reserve of money to finance a “ New Project ” for example. Click on “ Next step ” to progress through the form.

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You access the second step “ Your information ”.
Specify, in the “ accommodation ” field if you are an owner, tenant, etc.
In “contract”, say if you are on a CDD, CDI…

As with any simulation of online loan redemption, you must declare the information provided in the form accurate . Check the box “ I declare on my honor the accuracy of the information provided ” then “ Validate ”.

Once the form is fully completed, you will receive a response in principle from Responis . In view of the elements that you have provided, it may be that your situation does not allow support from them. Your “ Instant S imulation ” is then refused. See example below:

negative response responis

On the contrary, if your situation allows it, you will receive an estimate of your new monthly payment in the event of repurchase of credits from Responis via your e-mail address. In order to study your file in detail , supporting documents and new elements are requested by electronic means, by fax or by mail (see postal address mentioned below).

positive response responis
You can ask to be called back by a Responis expert at any time. To do this, click on the image “Let us call you back!” and mention your contact details and availability.

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Responis Credit Redemption Simulation Guide
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