Redemption of unemployed credits

Being unemployed is a difficult situation for both morale and financial situation. This statement is all the more realistic if you have experienced a layoff . However, we must raise our heads and strive to find solutions to live as easily as possible. Is credit redemption a good idea? Can we use this device when we are unemployed? We take stock with you!

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Why have recourse to the repurchase of credits?

When we begin to consider the repurchase of credits , it is that we have the feeling to feel “tight” at the level of the budget . Between food shopping, clothing purchases , personal well-being and the payment of credits and daily bills , the bank account quickly turns into the "red". Before the situation turns dramatic, you have to revisit your budget in times of unemployment and limit spending . When we say “limit spending”, we must not see the extreme. You have to analyze your spending in order to rebalance your budget.

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Who can support you in your efforts?

The first option is to reassess your real needs . There are surely some expenses that you can limit! You can also request deferral of monthly payments from certain lending institutions. Some contracts provide for postponements when the subscriber is in serious financial difficulty . Unfortunately, this solution is only a matter of months.

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unemployment credits Depending on the personal situation, it is possible to ask for help from various social organizations. The CAF, for example, can pay aid for the payment of rent . Unemployment can also give you rights to assistance for financing complementary health insurance . It is a good idea to meet with social assistance to find out about your rights. If you have wealthier relatives, you can also ask for his help against an IOU . You can also play on the laws to reduce the cost of your insurance .

If, despite your attempt to reassess your budget, you are still in debt , you will have to consider more radical solutions such as the over -indebtedness file or the repurchase of debts by credit organizations . The repurchase of credits makes it possible to settle all of its debts (consumer credit or mortgage and consumer credit), by making a single loan at a single rate . Extending the term of the new loan significantly reduces the monthly repayment amount (up to 60% in some situations).

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Does unemployment put a brake on the repurchase of credits?

We have to be realistic ! The professional situation is a decisive criterion for obtaining a loan buyback. Being in a precarious situation is a negative point. There are, however, a few possible avenues to obtain the opening of grouped loans:

  • If you are a homeowner, you can mortgage your property .
    The mortgage allows a lender to have a solid guarantee. In this case, it is necessary to make a mortgage loan repurchase (consumer loans with real estate credit).
  • If you have a guarantor.
    An organization or a loved one can vouch for you. The co-borrower must imperatively have a CDI.
  • If your status is a temporary employee .
    The temporary work contracts are fixed-term contracts, but are specific since they are renewed each year. If the debt ratio is low, the loan redemption request can be accepted.
  • If you have been a loyal customer for many years.
    Yes, it may sound incredible, but a loyal customer who has never encountered delinquency problems may be granted a loan repurchase.

In the event of failure, it remains only for the indebted applicant to pass in commission of over-indebtedness with the Bank of United States.

Redemption of unemployed credits
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