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If you wish to contact the site, please use the contact form below.

form and call center If you want to contact a particular credit organization or a bank that offers this type of service, there is no point in using the form located below .

If you contact us for a reason other than relating to the site, we will not respond to your message and it will be automatically deleted.

Messages that will NEVER get a response from us and that should instead be sent to the organization in question:


  • Problems related to your account that require you to know your personal information.
  • Questions about the amounts you still have to repay before paying off your loan (we do not have and will never have this information).
  • Questions about the remaining terms of your loan (for this, contact the organization in question directly).
  • An email concerning the change of your domicile.
  • A quote request by email.

The following matters may be communicated to us and we will try to provide you with a response within a reasonable time (depending on the request):

  • Questions about how the credit pool works.
  • A question about an organization which proposes or not to consolidate your loans.
  • An opinion, a testimonial or a lived experience in relation to a bank or an organization (we can also publish it publicly if you wish).
  • or any other questions similar to those mentioned ...

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