News concerning the repurchase of credits in 2017

The new resolutions for 2017 are that borrowing rates will gradually increase. It is always time to take advantage of the still correct rates for your loan buyback , but it is better not to wait too long because things can change quickly. The Ministry of Finance has agreed to a reduction of 20% which will take effect in the coming days. This drop will affect more than 4 million people and will raise the level of the middle classes by generating savings of around US $ 200 per case.

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It is necessary to take advantage of lower borrowing rates to reduce costs and for this, from 2016 many people suffering from economic problems have turned to the repurchase of credit knowing the advantageous conditions that this gave them.

It turns out that in 2015, loan consolidations were boosted by very interesting rate levels. It is clear that in 2013 a large number of individuals looking for loans were able to make their outstandings at attractive rates.

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This year, many real estate companies have conveyed a significant demand for the consolidation of loans, to optimize their economic conditions and thereby take advantage of the best financing offers on the market. In the current context, 2017 should not bring any significant movements on the credit buyback market as well as on the traditional loan market.

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The general conditions of lending organizations and banks will ensure that rates will go up, it is for this reason that we must take advantage of the current rates which are still preferential, we do not know what tomorrow will be. The European central bank has reassured the main stakeholders that its key rates will not be seen on the rise, but even in spite of that, it should be remembered that the rates of the ECB do not determine those of banks and other financial institutions.
In any case, the credit consolidation will still benefit from these economic advantages given that the majority of loan holders will financially benefit from the borrowing conditions in force.

News concerning the repurchase of credits in 2017
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