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The Dijon municipal credit union was created in 1822 and claims to be a “solidarity banker” . Its most widely distributed financial product is none other than the pawnshop . For a few years now, it has also been possible to go through this establishment to make various loans. Does Dijon municipal credit offer loan repurchases? If so, what are the conditions for obtaining it ?

Dijon debt

The facts are there! Consumers are increasingly in debt. According to statistics issued by the Bank of United States , more than 215,000 files were filed at the end of 2015 while in 1990, the number of files stood at 90,000.

The reasons for indebtedness (or over-indebtedness) are diverse:

  • Price inflation ( energy, food, water, rents ).
  • The change of lifestyle (package for Smartphone, Internet…).
  • Failure to revalue salary amounts.
  • Regular use of renewable credits.
  • The accumulation of movable loans (loans to buy a vehicle, etc.).
  • Unemployment on the rise.
  • Poor management of its financial budget.
  • Unpredictable event ( accident, death, illness, divorce, etc. ).

Consumers therefore need a helping hand to restore their budgets and enjoy a decent life. They most generally resort to the repurchase of credits. In extreme cases, only the filing of over -indebtedness commission files with the Bank of United States can help them get out of this impasse.

municipal credit Dijon

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It is also to help indebted citizens that the municipal credit unions have decided to offer the pawnshop. These funds are, moreover, the only ones to have a monopoly. What exactly is the pawnshop ? The principle is simple. The applicant goes to his municipal credit union to deposit an object (guitar, family watch, etc.). After appraising the pledged object , the agent hands the money to the claimant. The latter will recover his property when he has repaid his loan.

Some municipal credit unions also offer credit redemptions . The objective: to offer a global loan at a lower rate in order to restore purchasing power to the indebted person. Bordeaux municipal credit, for example, has this solution in its product portfolio. Unfortunately, this solution is not available at all checkouts. Currently, Dijon municipal credit does not offer it. It will therefore be necessary to find another organism or a mutual aid association such as the Croesus association.

Seek advice from Dijon municipal credit. Dijon municipal credit counselors are there to help you by phone at 03-80-77-54-00. You can go directly to the office located at:

Dijon municipal credit
26 rue de Mulhouse
BP 77 837
21078 Dijon

Dijon Municipal Credit Union
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