Buy back credits abroad

Thanks to the network of intermediaries in banking operation, it is possible to find the one who can carry out the repurchase of credit abroad . In the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, loan repurchase operations reach 50%.
Before your departure abroad, and if your credits were taken out in United States, the procedure is the same as if you were staying permanently in United States. There is no difference. Intermediary of banking operation can take care of your file and follow it even in your absence.

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In the event that the currency is different from one country to another, you will have no other choice but to accept the banking conditions on this subject. You will need an account on French territory so that the bank can make the necessary withdrawals for the smooth running of operations. If the bank with which you have entered into specific agreements is represented in the country where you are staying, it is quite feasible to carry out the necessary transactions, direct debits or transfers, from the account abroad.

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On the other hand, all the exchange costs which could result from these operations, will be charged to you in addition to your withdrawals. It is wise to leave money in a French account for certain operations in order to minimize the costs associated with foreign exchange operations. The necessary insurance that must be taken out cannot be done on French territory, but exclusively in the country where you are staying.

In the event that the loans have been contracted abroad, it is essential to start operations in United States. It is preferable to be well informed about the jurisdictions of the countries concerned, in order to carry out these operations and not to have any unpleasant surprises thereafter to deplore. In the majority of cases, the client is required to own a property, which will greatly help the establishment concerned to take your request favorably. Regarding banking prohibitions , foreign establishments do not have access to this information, but nevertheless ask for solvency guarantees .

Buy back credits abroad
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