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Crédit Mutuel is a financial organization which was founded in 1882. Its professionalism and its proximity to its customers are the two fundamental values ​​which have made the reputation of this great group. If, originally, Crédit Mutuel was a relief company for farmers, it has shown its determination by diversifying its activity: retail banking, insurance, electronic payment, loans . Is the establishment with the signature “The bank to talk to” really listening to consumers?

We take stock of the repurchase of credits ; an option suggested by Crédit Mutuel to deal with difficult financial situations .

The repurchase of credits to get out of financial difficulties

Noting that households needed solid support to limit indebtedness and anticipate unforeseen events, Crédit Mutuel integrated the solution of loan consolidation into its product catalog.
Contracted a loan buyback is an important decision. Indeed, even if the idea is to help a debtor gain purchasing power , which will allow him to live more easily, there is still a loan that commits you. A commitment over a shorter or longer period, which is fixed by mutual agreement when the contract is signed between the two parties.

mutual credit redemption credits

Entrusting your project to Crédit Mutuel with many advantages :

  • The bank becomes your only partner .
  • The rate is fixed. In fact, the monthly payment will remain the same throughout the reimbursement process.
  • Crédit Mutuel offers borrower insurance .
  • Crédit Mutuel does all the paperwork for you with creditors.
  • There are no typical profiles. Whether you are tenants or owners, employed or unemployed, young or senior, single or in a couple , the
  • Crédit Mutuel studies all requests.
  • Crédit Mutuel does not ask for supporting documents or guarantees , except in exceptional cases.

Which loans does Crédit Mutuel buy back? The financial organization only takes over so-called consumer loans . This term used in financial jargon includes all loans except loans related to real estate. The interested party can therefore put in his project:

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  • its revolving credit ,
  • his bank overdraft,
  • its unpaid bills
  • his personal loans ,
  • his loans for the purchase of a vehicle or for leisure.

Please note that the interested party can request a full or partial redemption . However, for the action to be beneficial, a full buyout should be preferred. Why ? The fact of having only one credit and, mechanically, only a monthly payment allows a consumer to better manage his cash flow and to be able to face contingencies (high bill for repairing a vehicle for example).

mutual credit early repayment

How to prepare your loan redemption request ? Even if the Crédit Mutuel advisors are at your side, it is necessary to prepare your application file well before embarking on a loan buyback. The process is simple: gather all the documents ( statements of accounts, schedules, etc. ) relating to your credits dispersed among creditors in order to be able to add up the remaining capital due. The result of the transaction gives you the amount to borrow . It is then necessary to play on the duration to reduce the monthly payment. The loan is subject to a new rate. The rate varies depending on the amount of credit allocated.

In addition, you should know that the early repayment of credits can generate penalty fees . It is advisable to inquire with the creditors (or to read the contracts) to know the amount of the expenses generated by such an action.

Review the loan buyback with a financial advisor

Simulating the benefits of credit redemption on your budget is very simple. All you have to do is go to the Crédit Mutuel online portal to use the online simulator . This tool is free and does not bind the borrower. In a few minutes, you will have an overview of the advantages of the repurchase of credits on your budget. You also have the option of making an appointment with a financial advisor at the Crédit Mutuel closest to you.

Credit Mutual Credit Buyback
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