Loan buyback: Organizations and banks

To support you in the delicate adventure of consolidating credits (otherwise known as credit redemption ), banks as well as various financial organizations offer you their expertise. Be aware that not all offers are equal and you must take the time to compare and analyze the various proposals in detail in order to retain only the one that meets your repayment capacity or debt capacity ( amount remaining after payment of all your charges ).

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To do this, you must first prepare a file on your situation , bringing together the range of all your credits, your pay slips , your bank statements ... You must be able to define and explain clearly to your future lender interlocutor , your main objective and the desired limits (duration of the new loan, repayment rate, etc.).

real estate credit For the purchase of a mortgage, for example, contact several banks in order to put them in competition.

To reschedule all your loans, you can seek the help of loan organizations or brokers specializing in credit redemption. Do not hesitate to collect opinions on these professionals in order to hope for the best possible management of your case.

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The LAGARDE law , which came into force on July 1, 2010 , further regulates the protection of the borrower by requiring the lender to provide greater readability and completeness of the information communicated. Thus, the borrowing consumer can know the total cost of his single loan, once all his credits have been grouped. In addition, if there is a revolving credit ( provision of a reusable sum as it is repaid) , the lender must close all outstanding credits .

organization bank selection gives you the keys and the important criteria to compare and choose the bank or the financial organization able to offer you the best loan repurchase proposal according to your situation.

Ymanci credit buyback

Ymanci brings together under its name the grouping of three brands since 2019. Very serious and very present, Ymanci, offers consumer credit buyback, real estate credit consolidation as well as insurance. find the types of integrable credits, specific cases

ACE loan repurchase

ACE offers to buy back your mortgage in order to save you monthly payments or lower the monthly repayment installments of your mortgage. Find information from the editorial staff on this subject.

Lille Municipal Credit

Crédit Municipal de Lille offers pawnbrokers to people experiencing financial difficulties. This public establishment exchanges money against the delivery of a valuable object left as a pledge. It can also finance your projects such as the repurchase of credits. In

Redemption of Wafasalaf credits

Are you looking for a solution to avoid debt? The repurchase of credits can be considered. This type of financing is practiced by the financial organization Wafasalaf which offers on its site a simulator which allows a personalized study of your situation. Find all the information

Rouaix finances loan buyback

The loan company Rouaix Finances reduces the debt ratio of households in financial difficulty by buying back loans. Its financial experts study each situation through a feasibility study. Until then, you can still perform an online simulation on

Redemption of Socrif credits

The financial institution Socrif practices the consolidation of consumer loans. For households in financial difficulty, this type of financing offers an increase in purchasing power. Concretely, how is a loan repurchase with Socrif? Let's see the conditions to make it

Creditlift - repurchase of credits

Creditlift is owned by Crédit Agricole. The Creditlift brokerage company finances modular solutions in view of the situation of its clients. Among these solutions, there is the repurchase of credits which brings together all the loans in one. What to do to raise his

Repurchase of credits at “Crédit du nord”

Crédit du Nord is a financial institution that implements various financing solutions (grouping of loans), savings solutions and insurance solutions. What does the repurchase of credits at Crédit du Nord consist of? Who can claim to benefit from

BNP Paribas Personal Finance loan buyback

Get out of debt by opting for the repurchase of credits; this is an option offered by BNP Paribas Personal Finance. One of their agents carries out a personalized study of your situation in order to submit a tailor-made proposal to you. Find information about the

Repurchase of Edel bank loans

Banque Edel belongs to the E.Leclerc group. In addition to the E.Leclerc credit card, she is studying financing solutions such as the repurchase of credits to find a financial balance. How is the repurchase of credits set up with the Edel bank?

Redemption of Creatis credits

Creatis is a credit institution that offers financial products such as the repurchase of credits. What are the workings of the repurchase of credits according to Creatis? An online simulation is possible to assess its financial situation and its repayment capacity.

Redemption of borrowed credits

Empruntis supports people in their search for financing solutions such as the repurchase of credits. To communicate with a financial advisor from the Empruntis group, several solutions exist: telephone, online contact form. In particular, you can ask him for a simulation of

Repurchase of Fidem credits

Fidem was bought out by Cetelem, a credit organization that offers revolving credits and loan repurchases. Cetelem supports you in a variety of projects. To do this, contact their advisers by phone during the time slots indicated. do not hesitate

Repurchase of Preféo credits

Préféo is now called "Meilleurtaux Solutions". He surrounds himself with financial partners to offer the consolidation of loans to people whose finances are at half mast. So, find out how to prepare your file to benefit from this financial solution with Meilleurtaux Solutions (formerly Préféo).

CGI loan repurchase

Credit restructuring according to CGI is the assurance of gaining purchasing power by reducing the total amount of monthly payments. In addition, you benefit from the analysis and monitoring of CGI experts. Gather all the information you need to put together your file for the purchase of

Denver Municipal Credit Buyout

Denver Municipal Credit supports people in difficulty through its pawn shops and microloans. It puts its policy on solidarity by proposing the repurchase of credits. What are the expected benefits after a loan buyback?

Redemption of Sofinco credits

The Sofinco credit house offers consumer loans, as does the repurchase of credits. But who is this latest financing solution for? What are the award conditions? Find the contacts of Sofinco advisers in order to submit your

Repurchase of Societe Generale loans

Société Générale has oriented its activity towards credit restructuring (otherwise known as loan consolidation or loan repurchase). To cope with increased demand from households in critical financial situations, Société Générale allows you to meet with an advisor in branch

Redemption of LCL credits

Crédit Lyonnais is a French bank that provides flexible solutions for individuals to finance new projects such as loan consolidation (otherwise called the consolidation or repurchase of loans). However, what are the conditions for granting this transaction loan repurchase is a leader in consumer credit and loan redemptions. A subsidiary of the Auchan group and Banque Accord,, this financial organization operates mainly remotely, on the Internet. What are the means put in place to

Buyout Crédit municipal Bordeaux

The Crédit municipal de Bordeaux is a municipal public body which mainly sets up pawn shops. However, it is possible to apply for consumer loans or to buy back credits. How is the credit restructuring going?

Buyback of Financo credits

Faced with the difficult financial situation of French households, Financo offers the consolidation of loans (repurchase of loans) in order to optimize budgets. “A resolutely human credit organization” is the slogan chosen by Financo. How to get in touch with

Repurchase of Finadéa credits

In order to increase the purchasing power of households, Finadéa, an intermediary in banking operations and payment services, combines the loans contracted into one in order to reduce the burden of charges. Find out how to call on Finadéa advisers to redeem your credits.

Repurchase of CAFPI credits

CAFPI (Advice on Access and Financing in Real Estate Loans) is none other than a broker specializing in real estate credit. Due to the inflation of house prices, many households find themselves in debt. To remedy this, CAFPI supports them with the solution of

Redemption of Mediatis credits

The Mediatis financial group was acquired by Cofinoga, a specialist in the financial market. What are the consequences on the loan buyback offered by Mediatis? How to reach Mediatis advisers? Find the solutions offered to French households.

Repurchase of Franfinance credits

Franfinance is a recognized banking organization in the credit market. Households call on his expertise to reduce their monthly expenses and increase the remainder to be lived. What are the loan buyback solutions offered by the Franfinance group?

Repurchase of credits at the Crédit municipal de Toulon

The Toulon municipal credit union is a public body that helps Toulon residents experiencing financial difficulties. He introduced the repurchase of credits which allows people to balance their budget. What are the award criteria? How to reach an advisor

Redemption of Caisse d'Epargne loans

The Caisse d'Épargne is a banking and financial organization that grants consumer loans, revolving credits, loan redemptions… How can this group help consumers manage their cash flow by reducing their monthly charges?

Redemption of Krefima credits

The Krefima company, leader on the Belgian credit market, helps clients optimize their budget by buying back loans. She works with the big brokerage firms. How to use this financial device with Krefima? What are the advantages

Credit Mutual Credit Buyback

Crédit Mutuel is a bank whose reputation is well established. In addition to its historical activities (retail banking, insurance, electronic payment, loans), the establishment also offers the repurchase of loans in order to deal with difficult financial situations. How to apply

Redemption of available credits

The disponis financial group belongs to Société Générale. It studies the case of households wishing to restructure their debts by buying back loans. Each situation being unique, an adapted proposal is formulated in view of the supporting documents provided. How does disponis work to bring you

BC Finance loan buyback

BC Finance is a credit organization that helps you find the best solution to buy back your loans (consumer loans or mortgage loans with consumer loans). The financial situation of the household is studied in order to take into account

Redemption of Keyliance credits

Before contacting a credit renegotiation expert at Keyliance, you should take stock of all your outstanding credits. Keyliance studies the files and helps to optimize the household budget by proposing the repurchase of loans. How to contact

Repurchase of CIC credits

The CIC bank offers the repurchase of loans to its customers but also to potential future customers. Consult our general information on this product but also more specific on the loan grouping they offer through their website. CIC bank (Credit

Groupama loan buyback

To find out what Groupama offers in terms of loan repurchases, read this article. It is important to know the conditions for obtaining a repurchase of credits, in particular that allowing the consolidation of consumer credits. What about the mortgage?

Buyback of Finaref credits

Finaref is a leading player in the financial loan buyback market. This company belongs to the CA Consumer Finance group. What are the conditions for granting the buyback of credits by Finaref? How and when to contact a finance expert

HSBC loan repurchase

HSBC (Hong-kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) is a bank established throughout the world. It offers the repurchase of credits for individuals wishing to reduce their monthly payments into one. How does the bank work? What are the required conditions ?

Buyback of Hello bank credits

Hello Bank, whose slogan is “mobile banking like you”, practices credit pooling for people wishing to increase their purchasing power. This bank, a partner of BNP Paribas, supports clients from the study request through to financing.

Repurchase of Sygma bank loans

Sygma Banque is a subsidiary of Laser Cofinoga and BNP Personal Finance. Sygma Bank offers the repurchase of loans in order to settle all the loans taken out by a person encountering financial difficulties. Is this credit consolidation solution effective?

Repurchase of Bred credits

BRED, which belongs to the Banque Populaire, is a cooperative bank which has chosen an evocative slogan: “Adding up forces, multiplying chances”. The repurchase of credits at the Bred is called Crédit Sérénité. It is offered to people meeting the

Repurchase of credits at Crédit Municipal de Nice

The Crédit Municipal de Nice is a public utility establishment which helps households experiencing financial difficulties to regain purchasing power quickly thanks to pawn shops. The pawnshop is not a repurchase of credits but a cash advance.

Redemption of ING Direct immo loans

ING Direct, the first online bank in United States, offers to buy back your mortgages in order to lower your monthly repayment installments and restore your financial situation. Is it necessary to take out borrower insurance and have a deposit?

Credit buyback with the municipal credit of Marseille

The Crédit Municipal de Marseille sets up financing solutions such as pawn shops or microcredit. What is the difference with the repurchase of credits? Is the reimbursement method the same? Our article answers all

Repurchase of Banque Populaire loans

“Adding up the forces. Multiply chances ”is the slogan of the Banque Populaire. Faced with debt situations, it offers financing solutions such as the repurchase of credits. A simulator is available online to estimate your new deadline.

Carrefour Banque loan buyback

Carrefour is a large reputable retailer in France. To optimize customer budgets, it has decided to join forces with an independent bank which becomes Carrefour Banque. This institution offers various financial products such as credit cards

Repurchase of loans Banque Française Mutualiste

The BFM (Banque Française Mutualiste) addresses itself exclusively to civil servants by offering them, among other things, the loan repurchase solution. But is it possible to request consolidation with your mortgage? You will find the answer in this file.

Buyback of Cetelem credits

CETELEM finances the projects of French consumers and more broadly European consumers. It is a partner of BNP Paribas which offers the repurchase of credits. For this purpose, a free simulator is available on the CETELEM site.

Redemption of GMF credits

To allow you to increase your purchasing power, the GMF (Mutual Guarantee of Officials) distributes savings products including "all-in-one credit", more commonly known as loan redemption. To do this, it conducts a thorough study of your situation.

Repurchase of Crédit Agricole loans

On the Crédit Agricole website, it is possible to use a consumer credit simulation tool and then make a financing request. Consumers can thus assess their financial situation in concrete terms and obtain advice from financial experts.

Repurchase of MAIF credits

La Maïf does not only offer insurance. She also practices credit restructuring or credit consolidation, also called credit redemption. This concerns people who need money to meet their needs.

Repurchase of CSF credits

The CSF (Social Credit for Officials) provides financing solutions adapted to the economic and personal situation of its clients. Those who are in dire need of additional purchasing power may be offered a loan buyback.

Redemption of Cofidis credits

You can request a repurchase of credits from Cofidis for an amount between 3000 and 80,000 us dollars. The online simulator offers the freedom to apply online whenever you want. Advisors also answer questions

Redemption of FICIP credits

The FICP (National Incidence File for Individual Credit Repayments) identifies consumers in a situation of over-indebtedness or who do not honor the repayment of their credits. They can leave the file 5 years after having paid off all their debts.

Bank Accord loan repurchase

Banque Accord agrees that with the consolidation of loans, your monthly payments are reduced, your budget management simplified, and all this without administrative fees. An online simulator lets you know what to expect if you choose the

Casino bank credit buyback

Banque Casino, attached to its online loan repurchase simulator, offers personalized support for its customers' administrative procedures by telephone or at a branch. She also recommends taking out borrower insurance to deal with the unexpected.

Buyback of Facet credits

To control your budget and have a better readability of all the loans taken out, you can have recourse to the repurchase of credits. The Cetelem group supports households in this regard. To do this, it bought the financing organization Facet in March 2015.

La Banque Postale loan buyback

La Banque Postale offers, in addition to its many financial products, the repurchase of loans in order to support indebted households by allowing them to oxygenate their budget. But the decrease in the amount of monthly payments does not go without the lengthening of the repayment period.

Credit Municipal de Washington DC buyout

The Credit Municipal de Washington DC helps the indebted or over-indebted Ile-de-France residents. This structure does not practice the repurchase of credits but its action relates to the service of loans with pledge, budgetary support, administrative support to creditors and personal micro credit.

Buyback of CFCAL credits

CFCAL sets up mortgage financing solutions adapted to the needs and financial situation of its clients. It relies on a network of banking intermediary professionals to provide the best advice and calm support.

Buyback of Cofinoga loans

Cofinoga offers loan repurchases in order to reduce monthly payments and optimize the management of its customers' budgets. By grouping together the loans contracted, customers want to oxygenate their budget or finance new projects. Conditions for the repurchase of credits are detailed here!